Hello world!

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My name is Celine and I’m a 22 years old girl from Paris. I am currently studying English and Public Relations in the UK. Before that, I studied two years in the US. And before that I got my French Baccalaureate in Literature. It is easy enough to understand that I am interested in Literature and read a lot, and I would like to work in Publishing later on. Nowadays I mostly read YA novels, but I do enjoy Classics and the odd Sci-Fi from time to time. As an aside and will-probably-be-important-at-some-point note: I have a mild addiction to coffee and the internet. Oh, and as a side and will-without-a-doubt-be-important note: I am a grammar freak (or grammar nazi, as some people call it). Understanding that English is not my first language and that I might make some mistakes, I apologize for them beforehand. Sorry! I might as well mentioned that most of the idioms I use, as well as slang and so forth will be in American English. I realised when I arrived in the UK that, at least in France, we are taught American English, and not British English.

Unfortunately, my interest in Literature is mainly focused on the reading part. Basically, I don’t write much. I mean, I can write, but it’s usually free-write and devoid of any proper construction. I think I’m pretty good in academic writing and analysis, but I just can’t write. It is something I want to work on. generic viagra how to buy viagra

My main problem is that I have troubles posting regularly. I have started this blog several times and erased it, because I let months pass between posts. Hopefully it will change this time. Also… I am a whiner, and my very first blog (in French) was about me whining about, well… my life. Teenage angst, that’s what it was, but I’m better now. viagra rx prices for levitra at walgreens

Yes, but what will this be about? Well, a few things. Literary ramblings: book reviews, fangirling, some geekery, and so much more! I love books and I believe that it is my ‘duty’ to write reviews for them. Let’s face it, I’m an international student, I’ll probably have tons of stuff to talk about. I want to write about things critically, or at least analytically. I don’t want to just narrate about things, but actually think about them in some way. (Yes, I do need to figure that part out). cialis online cost of viagra per pill

I encourage comments. I believe I read somewhere that someone was “whoring for comments”. Though I believe this might be a little too much, I really want to hear your opinions: on books and what you thought of them, or on whatever else I will be talking about. We will probably disagree at some point, and I am totally open to criticism. Do not hesitate to contradict me, when you feel it is necessary. Also, do not hesitate to join me by using the form on the contact page.

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